Chef Dean & Chef Putu Balinese Class

Bali is a wonder of the world in its own rights. Ancient traditions, tropical beaches, lush green forest, towered by the giant volcano Mt Agung. Bali has been a paradise for travelers for decades and in which time it has grown their culinary delights to the peak of success.

Balinese Spice Class Full Day IDR 1,300,000 per person

Market tour, coffee tasting, spice island lesson, complete introduction to the unique Hindu culture & cuisine, cooking class and lunch.
Full day 8am to 4pm. Tuesday to Thursday

Balinese Spice Class Half Day IDR 1,000,000 per person

Market tour, cooking class with a complete introduction to the unique Hindu culture & cuisine.
Half Day 8am – 1pm. Wednesday & Friday.

Every Tuesday until Friday
Rate: IDR 1,300,000nett per person

Now include Market Tour

Seasonal, poultry, meats, fish and organic vegetables used.
Special: Bebek Betutu (Spice Duck)

For booking or further information about this cooking class, please call +62-812-4655-2549 or email

Includes transport from pick up points, class, beverages, snacks, lunch, recipe book
Hotel pick up is subject to additional charge.

If the guests wanted class with no tour, meeting point only at Seminyak square, The Spicery Deli and Bistro 1st floor at 10 AM. same price IDR 1,300,000 net / person

Menu with seasonal market availability

  • Sambel ulek, sambel matah, sambel goreng (spicy sauces)
  • Bumbu kuning, bumbu pedas,bumbu base gede, bumbu sate (spice paste, peanut sauce)
  • Bebek betutu (duck or chicken roasted in the banana leafs with mixed spices)
  • Perkedel fritter (corn and egg fritters)
  • Soto ayam, (spicy chicken and glass noodle soup)
  • Nasi goreng (fried rice, with chicken prawn, vegetable and egg)
  • Nasi kuning (yellow turmeric & coconut rice)
  • Lawar salad (mix of coconut, green papaya, snake bean, chicken/ pork and bumbu paste)
  • Pecelan/ gado-gado (vegetables with peanut sauce)
  • Ayam Lalapan (crispy fried chicken in yellow spice paste)
  • Tum (chicken peaces stuffed in to the banana leafs and flame grilled)
  • Satay lilit (chicken, pork, fish minced in to patty with bumbu paste and grilled on sewer)
  • Satay ayam (chicken sate sticks marinated in soya tamarind and chili)
  • Be ceeng base manis (pork in sweat soya sauce)
  • Kambing mekuah (lamb stew with spicy coconut sauce)
  • Bubuh injin (Black rice pudding)
  • Pandan coconut pancakes with shredded coconut, gula merah sugar and cream
  • Pisang goreng (banana fritters in coconut batter)

All recipes provided


Meeting Points at:
Mc. Donald Jimbaran at 7.30am
Bintang Supermarket Seminyak at 7.45am
Seminyak square, The Spicery Deli and Bistro, 1st floor 8.00am

Swastiastu 09.00am
The day starts at the house with constructing your own canang (offering basket) and understanding the Hindu color cart

Treats served
Coffee tea and tropical fruit juices, rice cakes

About the Balinese culture, history, ceremonies’ and offerings

Spice introduction
Fresh roots rhizomes, chilies, Indonesian plants, seeds, flowers and barks
The art of spice paste Bumbu and sambel sauces, sate peanut sauce, (very hands on class)
Creating enchant dish alongside knowledgeable chefs with mouthwatering affects

Breaking bread Lunch 13.30 am
Sharing your wonderful hard work “selamat makan”

Home time 15.00 pm

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