Private Villa catering with barbeque buffet menus available
Price: TBA++ per person
Minimum order 10 people
Taylor makes your own menu
Premium items available additional cost /kg
Choose 3 items from every section

Barbeque grilled:

  • Marinate pork chop with onion gravy
  • Spicy red chicken supreme
  • Australian beef patty burger with sesame buns
  • Sausage meet stuffed chicken legs
  • Smokey yellow curry chicken stick
  • Spicy marinate squid tube
  • Sumac and garlic spice mahi mahi
  • Chili and fennel seared tuna fillet
  • Bali coconut and spiced pork ribs

Additional cost items

  • Australian rib eye steak IDR 600,000/kg
  • Australian rum steak IDR 500,000/kg
  • Medium king prawns IDR 225,000/kg
  • Giant king prawns IDR 325,000/kg
  • Bamboo Lobster IDR 500,000/kg

Hot buffet

  • Coconut chicken curry
  • Spicy beef rendang
  • Mama’s meet balls fusili pasta
  • Carbonara penne pasta
  • Beef stroganoff
  • Mushaka
  • Fish and scallop mush pie
  • Lasagna
  • Chicken keeve stuffed with cheese and ham
  • Chicken and Asian truffle pastry pie
  • Chicken betutu (stuffed with paste and roasted in banana leaf)
  • Candi Dasa seafood and coconut stew

Additional cost items

  • Live chili mud crab IDR 250,000/kg
  • Duck betutu IDR 100,000/kg (minimum 2kg)
  • Babi guling IDR 150,000/kg (minimum 6 kg)


  • Roasted chicken , caper berry and Bedugul potato
  • Grilled Bali tuna and biscotti red bean and tempe
  • Quails egg Caesar salad
  • Green papaya and jackfruit lawar
  • Smoke salmon and mango mix leaf
  • Avocado and roasted zucchini, lemon and greens
  • Marinated seafood roasted tomato and egg plant
  • Bedugul mix organic green leaf


  • Marinate chicken satay
  • Spicy mahi mahi satay
  • Crispy prawn and vegetables wrapped
  • Perkedel corn frites
  • Mini pastry pork paste
  • Scallop and ham stick
  • Seared sardine tartar Christine
  • Country duck pate


  • Benofee pie
  • Banana chocolate brownies
  • Sticky toffee pudding
  • Black rice pudding with coconut cream
  • Mango and coconut blammanche
  • Strawberry and vanilla tart
  • Tropical mix fruit platters
  • Spotted dick
  • Banana and chocolate pancake
  • Pecan nuts and toffee eye
  • New York cheese cake
  • Bali chocolate cacao brule
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